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SPEN Industries is located in the Bukit Minyak Industry Park, Penang, Malaysia. We employ skilled people to compliment our business and together with our modern facility, we aim to strengthen our production delivery and capability.

Our focus on both the hardware and the skill talents ensure we are continuing to steer our business into a streamlined, efficient and well-run operation. We set ourselves as a reliable and responsible plastic manufacturer in the region.
In House Injection Machine

Our injection division was incorporated on 11 Feb 2008. Today, this division has become one of our core businesses. We specialise in Plastic Injection Molding and mould making.

Over the years, we have also developed extensive experience and accumulated the know-how on mould design and mould making. In addition, our in house injection machine has the clamping force capacity ranging from 60 tons to 330 tons.

Arming with these offerings, we are able to position ourselves as a one stop plastic manufacturer to provide value added services to our clients.